Celebrating Design and the Spirit of Adventure with Modern Map Art

Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details. – Minh D. Tran

For the past year, my husband Jeff and I have plugging away at a midcentury modern renovation. We’ve worked to carefully preserve with intention and remove much of the clutter, carpet and old paneling that suffocated the space.

With more of the home’s architectural details highlighted, we also wanted to bring in more complementary artwork that celebrated modern design. I was beyond excited when the founder of Modern Map Art, Jennifer Beck, offered to send me a 24″ x 36″ map of Des Moines for our newly renovated home. The clean lines of the black and white aerial view are a fascinating interpretation of a city that I see in hills and trees and rivers every day.

Modern Map Art is a very new company. Conceived by Jennifer in 2016 after a global adventure and honeymoon, Modern Map Art explores city grids and imagery of locations from Philadelphia to Bangladesh to Bear Mountain’s ski trail.

Because I love a good backstory, I sent over some additional questions about her design inspiration.

Q: What are some particular influences and/or specific maps that inspired Modern Map Art’s design?

Jennifer: I enjoy simple designs. When I started to design the map posters, I wanted to strip away as much as possible to create something that wasn’t very complicated. I actually started at this level of just land, water, and roads, and once I started there I didn’t want to add anything else to the maps.

Q: Which types of home decor and aesthetic(s) do these maps work best with?

Jennifer: Modern/contemporary designs work best with our posters, but we have had people use them in cabins and other houses that have a more traditional look.

Q: How do you want Modern Map Art owners to be inspired?

Jennifer: I want them to be inspired to show off the places that they love the most—whether it’s the place they grew up, the place the fell in love, the place they got married, honeymooned, or had a great time with friends and family. Some of our customers have made great use of our art, and you can see some of that on our Instagram feed.

Q: What are some of the most interesting cities that you’ve created Modern Map Art for?

Jennifer: Some of the more dense cities — Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong — make for the best posters because the detail of the streets really comes through, especially on our larger sizes.

For more information about art options and to shop Modern Map Art, go to www.modernmapart.com.

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