Now On Stands: An Interview with My Mom for Lenny Letter

Hello, and Happy Election Day!

Today, I along with millions of Americans stood in line at the voting booth. And one year from today, we will have the opportunity to vote one of the most controversial, despicable congressmen, Steve King, out of office.

My mom, Leann Jacobsen, is one of the Democratic challengers in Iowa’s 4th District. A lot of people ask why she is running for office, and since I’ve had a behind-the-scenes perspective for the past 31 years, I wanted to share an in-depth interview with you. Today, it was published on Lenny Letter.

You can read more about the interview here.

One of my favorite things she told me in the interview is this:

“Many people think that Northwest Iowa is ‘Steve King Country,’ and that he’s just inevitable and everyone in our corner of the state is just like him. The people I know don’t talk like him, they don’t think like him, and one of the hardest things is going to be removing the perception of inevitably. Because he is not inevitable. Voters are ready for someone who shows strength and leadership and compassion, and I’m ready to be that person.”

Click here to read more over on my mom’s Congressional campaign website.

Our time for activism and leadership is now. Being frustrated with the policies and headlines coming out of D.C. is a timely call-to-action for us all to vote, support grassroots change, and recognize that politicians like Steve King are not “inevitable.”

Featured image via Lenny Letter by NYC illustrator Melissa Ling.

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Easy and Breezy: Fashion, Production, and Creative Serendipity

Last night DSM Magazine unveiled the May/June issue to a full house at the Kirkwood Hotel. The chardonnay was flowing, the buffet from Vivan’s was divine, and the weather was balmy perfection. While I always enjoy a good DSM Magazine event and catching up with arts and culture appreciators from around town, this one was really special because it had my production on the front cover!

This was such a feel-good effort all around — one of those blissful projects where there are absolutely no hiccups and everything clicks from planning to on-set dynamics.

Here are some love notes and special mentions for the people that helped bring it all together:

  • Annabel Wimer and Christine Ricelli for being an outstanding design and editorial duo at DSM Magazine. I always learn so much working with Annabel and Christine – they are tough, smart, and nurturing professionals that inspire me to always submit my best versions.
  • Austin Hyler and Andy Sommer for outstanding photography. I cannot recommend Austin enough for his thoughtful, collaborative process and meticulous attention to details. From planning to photoshoot to editing, his eye for beauty and composition is perfection.
  • Kelsey Bulat for being an ethereal model for this concept. We completely skipped hair and make-up styling for this production, because Kelsey embodies a look and vibe that is fresh, natural, and beautiful. Kelsey is also an amazing, accomplished food stylist in her career and a mama to many plants at home (#jungalowstyle :)), so she brought a spectacular attention to the little (but very important!) details.
  • Jeff Naples for being everything and my favorite production partner. I could write pages and pages about being married to another creative, and working with Jeff on-set is one of my favorite things we do together. He has countless ideas for bringing things to life, and when I’m thinking about all the production details, it’s nice to have his balance of vision.
  • Lindsay Berger for being a dear friend and stylist mentor. I am so glad Lindsay came to help on-set — having her confidence, experience, and supportive and happy personality is invaluable always.
  • April Goode and the team at Goode Greenhouses for being so accommodating and letting us take over their greenhouses on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. As a plant lady too, I really appreciate the extensive collection of heirloom blooms that the greenhouse offers.
  • Mary and Gabrielle at Silver Fox — these ladies thought of everything! I so enjoyed visiting Silver Fox on Ingersoll and talking fashion and styling with these two. There is a thoughtfulness and care in what they do, and you can tell by all of the neighborhood women and their repeat clients that keep coming back to them year-after-year (for decades!) for all of their wardrobe needs.
  • And the stellar boutiques that generously allowed us to borrow gorgeous garments and accessories for the production, including Preservation, Domestica, Sahar’s, and Velvet Coat.
  • Last but not least, Henna by Maggie! Maggie’s henna magic showed up in the photos and lent a bohemian detail that accentuated the organic beauty of the shoot.

Here’s the link if you’d like to read the latest issue of DSM!

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